My hubby’s surprise birthday…

today is my hubby’s birthday and I was being very sneaky about what I was planning… So, I hinted couple times (well, maybe more than that) that he would have to wake up early and it would involve day trip, but wouldn’t say where, and that I wasn’t completely sure if it was a great idea… That’s when he was a bit nervous thinking that we are gonna go to some sorta botanical garden (there’s nothing wrong with that, but not that it would be a great idea for his special day….) or shopping spree (which is nothing worse for him). I bought bunch of golf gifts for him and told him that in the morning when he’ll open up his presents he’ll figure out what are we gonna do… So, first thing in the morning he opened up his presents and I told him that we have a tee time to play golf in 2 hours at Crandon Golf Course at Key Biscayne, his facial expression was priceless ( almost like relieved and happy). Let me tell you, that golf course is stunning, well kept, great service, a bit pricey but worth it. If you are ever in Miami / Key Biscayne and you enjoy playing golf I’d highly recommend to have a round there. Oh and please don’t judge my outfit, I wasn’t playing😜


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