Day Trip to Lilly Pulitzer store…

oh how excited was I to get Jesse Skort Romper from Lilly Pulitzer… Drove Β 2 hours to a nearest store got size 0 and 00 (which are usually my sizes at LP store), and got my heart broken, romper sizes run so much smaller. As I was being optimistic I decided to suck it up and try next size 2 which again didn’t fit, romper wouldn’t close by 1 inch and bottom was now too lose…ugh I didn’t go for size 4, but got something else instead. Wasn’t too disappointed, all those prints are just way too fab πŸ™‚ Please share your fave Lilly dress:)Β


12 thoughts on “Day Trip to Lilly Pulitzer store…

  1. Catherine says:

    Two Hours! Bless your heart! I swear I will never, EVER, again complain about having to stand on the line to get into the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse sale! The sale may be 5 minutes from my home, but I’m constantly complaining about the parking situation and the long lines! You have my respect!


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